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Freitag, 28. Juli 2017

Recap of the Game Of Thrones Season 7 Story Lines

Game of Thrones is back and I'm already obsessed with the new season, which is why I decided to recap the story lines and comment them.

*** SPOILER ALERT for Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 1 + 2 ***

The King of the North and his Sister (or Cousin)

So, Jon Snow is truly King of the North, which by itself is fine, he is a very righteous man who wants nothing but the best for the people, even if by this he means all people and not his people - which might be his biggest problem. The scene in episode 1 where he decides to forgive those houses who fought for Ramsay Bolton against him pretty much sums up what kind of person Jon is. Yes, he does want justice, but not as much as uniting as many houses as possible to fight the Wight Walkers. To be fair, he's absolutely right with this, as the White Walkers are the biggest threat to Westeros, but his way of welcoming traitors and enemies into his rows is dangerous. After all this is what got him killed once, when he stood by the Wildling after they raided villages, robbed them, killed hundreds of people and burned their houses to the ground. It looks like Jon has learned nothing from being stabbed by his brothers at the Night's Watch. So though I believe that Jon is trying to do the right thing, I have to agree with Sansa that he does it in a massively stupid way.

Speaking of Sansa, she has become one of my favourite characters and I'm totally rooting for her. She is smart and fierce and badass and she is absolutely right about everything she says. She has learned quite a bit in the midst of all the shit she had to go through and she came out a bigger and better person. I adore her. I'm so annoyed by Jon constantly undermining her knowledge and never listening to her to the point where I even hope he will feel the bad cosequences of this soon. At least now he has left Winterfell in her hands. There is also Littlefinger at her side but I think by now Sansa is not in any way weaker than Littlefinger, in fact she is manipulating him. We all know that Littlefinger wants Sansa and wants to sit on the Iron Throne with her by his side and though this will probably not happen, it's definitely not the worst that could happen. Sansa deserves better than living in her brother's (I mean cousin's) shadow.

By the way, the only time I liked Jon in season 7 so far, was when he grabbed Littlefinger and threatened to hurt him if he touches Sansa (though he will obviously not be able to do so, as he is leaving her alone with him in Winterfell). I want to see more of this passionate, dangerous Jon Snow, because the calm and reasonable one bores me so much.

Cerceis Reign and her Suitor

In Kingslanding Cercei is sitting on the Iron Throne. After all her children died, she is left with nothing to loose and totally made this her mantra. Unfortunately she has run out of allies, which is why she envited Euron Greyjoy, who wants to marry her but first he has to bring her a present. I thought the present might be Tyrion or possible a dragon (as in the books he has a horn which controls dragons) but it turns out it's destroying the fleet of his relatives Yara and Theon Greyjoy. This scene was so cool and I was happy to see such a fun fighting scene already in episode 2. While Yara is captured, Theon pulls a Theon, jumps over board and flees. But Euron still has Yara Greyjoy and (more importantly) the queen of Dorne who poisened Cercei's daughter Myrcella to bring Cercei. Plus the fact that he totally ruined Danaerys plan and robbed her of two of her Westerosian allies which I was glad to see.

Can we pause a moment to appreciate how hot Euron is? I didn't see it in season 6 (not at all) but his new look and his Viking's rough charm really gets me. I can't wait to see more of him!

In the meantime Cercei is rallying more lords around her though she is utterly unpopular but they still fear her and prefer her over Danaerys' foreign army. Also there's still Jaime at her side, handsome, loyal, brave Jaime who is still fighting her fight though he has lost all his children. The only thing he is fighting for anymore is Cercei herself, so let's see how long this will be enough for him. Many people predict that he will turn against her soon, which might happen at some point, but I still think that people underestimate how much he loves her.

Arya's Serial Murder Spree

So, Arya has turned into a serial murderer. She killed the entire Frey family and was on her way to do the same with the Lannisters, before she got to know that her favourite brother (or rather cousin) Jon is King of the North and decided to go there instead. Which was honestly a huge relieve. First, because if the rest of the show is Arya going from enemy to enemy and slaughtering everyone, this would get boring fast. Secondly, because her new murderer self is absolutely disturbing. She is truly broken beyond repair and now she has the ability to make her sad murder spree a success (but at what cost?).

Danaerys is Playing War

So, Danaerys has finally (after six seasons) arrived in Westeros which means that the Essos story lines are coming to an end. Next to the Greyjoys and the Dornish (which are both in Euron's power now), she has the Tyrells as allies, also Tyrion and Varys are on her side, plus now obviously the Red Priestress, who is very powerful. She also has a plan, which I won't get into here, because I couldn't care less about Danaerys. In fact, after six seasons she still annoys the hell out of me. Now she has invited Jon Snow and he accepted which will be interesting but is just another one of Jon's decision which makes him unpopular among his own people. I do like Tyrion and I enjoy watching him and I can understand why he is standing against his family after he has suffered so much shit from them.

Sam is Solving Mysteries in Old Town

Sam is training to be a master in old town with the goal to find ways to fight the White Walkers. He just found out, that there's a gigantic pile of Dragon Glass beneath Dragonstone, where Danaerys has moved in, which kills White Walkers and which is the reason Jon is going there (though he was eager to do so even before he found out about the Dragon Glass). I still wonder, how they're going to get the Dragon Glass. They probably whould have to blow up the entire city to get there, right? Also Sam is helping Jorah to get rid of his Grey Scale, because he is a very decent guy after all.

Bran Possible Screwed Everything Up (Again)

Bran has passed the wall and there's a theory that this will liften the magic boundery which keeps the White Walkers out, as he has been marked by the White Walker leader. So, it's quite possible that the White Walkers will either walk around the Wall or just knock it down. Either way they will get into Westeros. I am excited for all the remaining Starks (Sansa, Bran and Arya) being united soon, though.

The Hound is a Prophet Now

Oh, and there was the bit about the Hound looking into the fire and seeing said White Walkers passing the wall, which seems like a pretty accurate prediction. He is travelling with the Brotherhood without Banners who serve the God of Light which makes an entertaining combination of people.

That's what happened so far. I can't wait to see more of Euron, of Cercei and Jaime as well as of Sansa being her usual classy self. This is going to be an epic season.

Mittwoch, 19. Juli 2017

Quotes to guide me in my 26th year

Sorry, that I missed the post last week - so much was going on. Among other I turned 26! I originally wanted to choose 26 quotes but as I have saved like 1500 quotes it was tough to narrow them down to only 26, so here are a few more (or more precisely: a lot more!). Here's to a hopefully sensational 26th year of my life!