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Montag, 27. April 2015

Weekly Gratitude

About a month ago I took up the habit of writing down every week what I am grateful for. And let me just tell you, this has improved my life drastically. I did all these things before but writing them down and reflecting about what made me happy each week gives me a chance to really appreaciate life and to enjoy every little awesomness it offers.

In one of my favorite quotes Lev Grossman wrote about how we have to stop looking for something better all the time and ignoring all the great things we already experience daily:

And of course he's right. I dare you to look at your life and to realize how many absolutely brilliant people, exciting experiences and fun things surround you permanently. Most of our lives are actually a lot more exciting than we think and yes, we better start to enjoy them. Because really enjoying the little things is the secret to lasting happyness.

Writing down my list of Weekly Gratitude also made me realize what's important to me and what I value most in life. It taught me a lot about myself. Because even if we think we know ourselves, there're always things to be discovered. And sometimes they will blow our minds.

So go ahead and write down your list of things you are grateful for this week. Then do it again next week. And the week after that. And see how your life will change.

To inspire you, here are my first four lists: (my mood really lightens up everytime I re-read them)

April 7, 2015

*sleeping cluddled up against him
*getting sucked up in Dancing Jacks (a fantasy novel)
*reaching 5 followers on Blogloving (3 weeks later I had 50 :) )
*getting my first comment on my new blog
*spending time with my two best friends
*getting inspired by blogs
*drinking Cappucino
*letting go during sex

April 11, 2015

*leaning how to do PR&events orga &feeling like Samantha Jones
*wearing my new white flowers-dress
*having my new boss believe in me
*awesome sex with my boyfriend <3
*being proud of the confident person I've become
*listening to The Pretty Reckless's "Going to Hell" album
*getting new followers on Blogloving

April 20, 2015

*having hungry sex
*having a fun game night with friends
*hosting an inspiring book premiere
*reading people's comments on my blog
*enjoying a Saturday for myself
*browsing second hand bookstores
*having a job others want
*reading inspiring blogs
*having quality conversations

April 26, 2015

*having found & being with the Right One
*lots of sex
*a fun Saturday Night Pub Crowl
*being friends with someone for 10 years
*finding cute&cheap clothes
*starting to learn photography
*being inspired by a lecture
*being busy
*having time for myself

Happy Weekly Gratitude Day!

Donnerstag, 23. April 2015

The 5 Best Songs of The Pretty Reckless' "Going to Hell" Album

At the moment I am listening to The Pretty Reckless' "Going to Hell" album everyday on my way to and from work. I have to add that it takes me 45mins to get to my office, so there's a lot of jamming to awesome Rock tunes involved.

Most of you probably know The Pretty Reckless and its lead singer Taylor Momsen but have you listened to the most recent album "Going to Hell" yet? Well, if not, do so right now because it doesn't only have 5 great songs but basicaly every single song of this album is something special.

Still, there are some songs which truely stand out and which I concider the best songs of the "Going to Hell" album. And as I love little more than making lists, I am (a bit too) excited to present you The 5 Best Songs of The Pretty Reckless' "Going to Hell" Album:

1. Heaven Knows

Place #1 of this hitlist was out of question. "Heaven Knows" is definitely the album's best song. It might even be one of the world's greatest Rock songs of our time. "Heaven Knows" is simply huge, and I'm talking The Rolling Stone's "Satisfaction" or Queen's "We will rock you" huge. It's epic. I love the way Taylor Momsen's dirty voice and the clear voices of the choir work together. This is pure Rock and only the genre's very best song's can compare to it.
Plus: Check out this sexy music video below.

2. Fucked Up World

I love this song so much, it kind of makes me doubt my outlook on life. "Fucked Up World" is, as the title implies, about all the dishonest and devious people who surround us these days. I really try to see the best in everyone but still I do notice how more and more people become irreliable and selfish. On days when I want to celebrate this Fucked Up World we live in, which are really most days, I listen to this song.

3. Sweet Things

Do you know the famous poem "Erlkönig" by Goethe? If not read it now, it's pretty much the best piece of poetry ever written in German language. There are also lots of translations. Well if this poem was transformed into a modern song, it would be "Sweet Things". The male singer tries to persuade Taylor Momsen to come to the evil side. And I love how in the end she goes from being the victim seduced by evil to being the evil herself. Also the first two lines are great: "Evil knocking on my door. Evil making me his whore."

4. Waiting for a friend

I listen to this ballad every evening when I'm on my way home after an exhausting day at work. And though the lyrics are actually depressing, "Waiting for a friend" always manages to make me feel at peace. The guitar is perfection. Also this song prooves that The Pretty Reckless can't only produce hard and loud Rock songs but also a quiet and pure Country tune. It's beautiful.

5. Going to Hell

There are a lot of songs I considered for place #5 ("Follow me down", "Blame me" or "Why'd you bring a Shotgun to the Party") but in the end "Going to Hell" won, because it's Rock at its finest. Right from the start the guitar makes me feel like I can do anything in life if I only bring in enough passion and maybe even aggression. I also like the play with religion in this song.

What's your favourite song of The Pretty Reckless' "Going to Hell"?

Samstag, 18. April 2015

This is why I always ask too much of myself. Or: My first week at my new job

This Monday I officially started my new job as a PR lady at a publishing house.

The truth is that I have neither worked in a publishing house nor in PR ever before. What do I know about selling books and advertising authors and organizing events? Absolutely nothing. Honestly, everything I know about this stuff, I've learned during the last week.

So how did I end up here? Half a year ago I did a 5-days internship at this very publishing house just to get an idea of what work at a publishing house is like. Then one thing led to another and I ended up writing a short text for one of their anthologies and reading at their next event. Everytime someone cancelled, I was there and I jumped in and I gladely helped them out with whatever was needed regardless of the fact that I never did any of these things before. And then two months ago I got a mail from the owner of the publishing house, telling me that someone left the company and asking if I was interested in a job.

And what I did is either extremly brave or absolutely crazy. I dropped everything. I paused my studies. I quit another job. And I immidiatly took the job offer though I had absolutely no idea what I was walking into. I just knew deep down that if I didn't take this chance, I would regret it for the rest of my life. And I wasn't willing to live with that.

So over the next month I was alternating between absolutely excited and euphoric and daydreaming about being a real life Samantha Jones, and totally freaking out about how I am asking far too much of myself and will surely ruin the company.

You have to know that asking too much of myself if kind of my thing. I don't do it conciously but somehow I always end up in situations that are too difficult for me to handle. In school I chose French as my advanced course though I would have had a much easier time with English. Every single person in my French class was better than me and my grades weren't something to celebrate but my French did improve a lot.

Just some days ago I accidently signed up for an advanced Yoga class instead of a beginners class as planned though I have never done Yoga before. The beginners class was full and really wanted to start Yoga, so I clicked on sign up. A minute later I realized that they'll probably do crazy hard stuff like head stands and things like that. And how the hell am I going to keep up with that? I don't know yet. The class starts next week and I will figure it our when I'm there. Like I always do.

So back to my new job. It turned out that neither of my fantasies came true. I am not the world's best PR person yet but I have also not yet screwed up epically. I did screw up on a minor level and gave out a wrong office phone number for three days but I didn't scare of an important customer or start a fire - and even the printer is still alive. So all in all I think given my lack of experience I did a pretty good job.

What I did do this week is learn A LOT. I learned so much, my brain is about to burst. But I made myself like 100 checklists and to do lists and those are the only reason I can have a weekend without constantly worrying about forgetting everything. I talked with a lot of people, I wrote so many mails, and I even already organized and held my first event. Yesterday was the book premiere of one of our new books and as far as I can tell, I think it went extremely well.

The only thing that truely bugs me is that I feel like people don't take me seriously because I am so young. I am 23 years old and I look even younger. When I talk with people over the phone or mail with them, there's no problem but at the event I noticed how people tended to ask my older colleages about important stuff rather than me.

I hate how people think that young people will do a worse job. This is simply not true. Yes, I am young and I am unexperienced but I am highly motivated and willing to learn and I am extremely determined when it comes to things that I want to succeed at. I definitely want to succeed at this job. Being young doesn't mean that I am naive or irresposible or irreliable. It simply means that I am still learning.

So I guess the only way to answer to people who expect me to fail because I am young, is to proove them wrong. And this is exactly what I'll do.

Dienstag, 14. April 2015

Movie Recommendations - Edition: This year's Blockbusters (Part 2): Interstellar Decoded

All my friends told me to watch Interstellar for months because I would definitely love it and of course they were absolutely right (because I obviously have the greatest friends on Earth). I love astronomy. It's one of my favourite things in the world (and beyond). And I'm also a huge fan of mind-blowing science fiction movies.

Interstellar is a unique movie because it combines actual scientific theories and ideas with science fiction plotlines which are impossible today but might be a normal thing in thousand years.

In this post I will decode the movie Interstellar, make sense of the sometimes a bit demanding story and give astrophysical background information. Because Interstellar is proof how amazing ouw universe really is!

Warning: This post contains Spoilers.

The Story:

Earth's vegeatation is affected by Blight which led to starvation of the world's population and is threatening to extinct the human race.

Background Info:
Blight is an infection which affects plants which then turn brown.
Chlorosis develops, which means that plants have insufficient chlorophyl and die.

A special NASA department called "Lazarus missions" has discovered a Wormhole near Saturn.

Background Info:
To understand Wormholes, imagine that the universe was 2D.
Everything in it can only travel in 2D, except if you travel through a Wormhole.
Through a Wormhole you could travel in 3D.
In reality the universe is in 3D and through a Wormhole one could therefore travel in an unknown higher dimension and travel to places far away.

On the other side of the Wormhole in Interstellar astronauts have found three potentially habitable planets which all orbit a supermassive Black Hole.

The first planet is called Miller. Miller is really close to the Black Hole which is why one hour on Miller equals seven years on Earth. This is why the expedtion crew looses a lot of time on this planet just to find out that it's inhabitable because there are huge waves.

Background Info:
Gravitational Time Dilation means that time is different at different places in the universe.
The closer something is to a source of gravitaion, the slower time passes.
A Black Hole has a lot of gravitaion. Therefore near it time moves slower.
Infact inside a Black Hole there is Gravitational Singularity.
The Gravitational field here appears infinte.

The second planet is Mann which also turns out to be inhabitable because it's too cold.

The third planet, Edmund, finally is habitable.

NASA'a Plan A is to bring people to a habitable planet to keep on living there when Earth becomes inhabitable. They struggle to find out how this might be possible because there's not enough time left but because of a science fiction plotline they succeed in the end.

Plan B is to bring frozen embryos to a habitable planet and to start humanity anew. This is what they do on Edmund.

The science fiction plotline:

In the beginning of the movie the main character Cooper's daughter Merph notices mysterious signals from an unkown creature in her room. In the end of the movie we find out that the signals were actually sent by a Future-version of her father Cooper who sends her the equation which solves the problem of bringing people to a space station from the Future. Merph uses it and everyone is saved.

Though-provoking impulse:

The idea behind this science fiction plotline is that future humans will be able to travel not only through the three dimensions of space but also through the fourth dimension of time. If you keep in mind that time in fact (as Einstein found out) is relative, this idea might not be as crazy as it seems. In a thousand years we might be able to manipulate time.

Isn't this absolutely mind-blowing?

Samstag, 11. April 2015

Instant Happyness

There are those days on which I feel like crawling into my bed and never coming out again. On these days I need to make use of some tricks I've established for myself to boost my mood instantly.

Here are 10 things that give me Instant Happyness:

1. Reading a fantasy book and drinking green tea

Fantasy literature makes it possible for me to escape the real world and forget all about the aweful day I might have had and instead live someone else's life which is a lot more magical and adventurous. If I add a green tea to this equation, I immidiately feel so much better. I'm a deep believer in the power of green tea. It gives you energy, boosts your mood and helps your circulation.

2. Having good sex

Good sex is like medicine for me because I can let go and only focus on the sensation of my own and my boyriend's body. Fortunately my boyfriend and I live together so that we can basically have sex whenever we want to and honestly, this makes my life so much better.

3. Watching an inspiring show

Which tv show this might be depends on my current taste. Last year I regularily watched Friends because it simply showed me that everyone struggles and that it's okay. Because you know, noone told you life was gonna be this way. If I want to escape reality I watch Buffy or Supernatural. At the moment I'm watching now and then an episode of the new Vampire Diaries season because it has so many feels and sometimes I just need to use up all my tears for someone else's misery.

4. Looking up at the stars

I love the stars. Seriously, if you feel like your life sucks and your problems are like a huge wave rolling towards you, just go outside and look up at the stars. All these pretty lights up there are Suns and they all have there own planets with who knows what's there. The universe is fucking amazing, man! Be grateful that you live in such a wonderful world.

5. Ordering Pizza

This is pretty self-explanitory. A freshly baked pizza with lots of cheese and dripping grease makes it impossible to be upset.

6. Taking a hot bubble bath

Bubble baths are right out of heaven! After a hard day at work I let in hot water, steal my boyfriends manly bubble bath soap and soak in the tup for 15 minutes. The great thing about taking a bath is that you don't have to do anything. You can just lie there and do absolutely nothing but enjoying the warmth that surrounds you.

7. Snuggling up in his arms

No matter how aweful my day was, when I crawl into bed at night and snuggle up in my boyfriend's arms, I always feel at piece. Because honestly I have this person in my life who's there for me no matter what and who gladly gives me a backrub when I'm stressed, so really what am I complaining about? I feel like no matter what happens, as long as I can fall asleep in his arms every night, I have a perfect life.

8. Building an indoor tent

I don't do this often. Only when I truely feel like I want to hide from all the bad stuff in the world. Then I gather lots of blankets and pillows and drape them over chairs and my couch and crawl in there with a nice book and I stay in there until I feel like I'm ready to deal with life's shit again. An indoor tent is a pause from all the bad stuff because really, nothing bad has ever happened to me while I was in there.

9. Taking a ride at a Merry Go Round

Yes, well, I'm still a child. If I see a Merry Go Round I HAVE to get on it and go in circles as fast as possible. I guess it just gives me lots of good homones which make my heart beat faster.

10. Practicing my favorite sport

My favorite sport is dancing and after my dance lesson every Wednesday I feel great no matter what kind of day I had before that. Dancing releases adrenaline and it simply makes me happy and not care about dumb people (including myself). In a week I also start Yoga and I'm excited how this will turn out for me.

I am constanly looking to enlarge my list of things that bring Instant Happyness. What makes you instantly happy?

Mittwoch, 8. April 2015

10 Things I Hate that Everyone Else Loves

It's not like I just dislike these 10 things because I don't want to be mainstream. Honestly I would love to be mainstream, if mainstream was just a bit closer to my personal taste. But It's not. At least not with these 10 things which absolutely everyone I know and the media and the Internet world is totally falling for but which I hate.

I don't want to condemn these 10 things. If you like them, great for you. I just want to show that not everyone shares the majority's opinion. So sorry in advance for the rant you're about to endure.

Do you share my hate of one of these popular things? Please tell me I'm not alone.

1. Taylor Swift's 1989 album


I love Taylor Swift. For years (and I mean those years in which everyone called her a slut) she was my favorite female artists and I'm a huge sucker of her songs. When she announced that her new album would be a Pop album, I was a bit surprised but I was fine. I don't mind Pop. I actually like it.

But what I do mind is this weird House/Pop/Clubsound mix which is recently every other song on the radio. So when 1989 came out, I was so disappointed that Taylor Swift made an album which sounded just like every other "Pop" princess' album nowadays. In my opinion, with 1989 Taylor Swift became nothing but another Katy Perry/Lady Gaga/and what are all the other's names. And I hate it. Seriously I'd rather listen to static than to "Out of the Woods".

2. John Green books

The funny thing is I admire John Green. I watch his YouTube channel "CrashCourse" weekly. I look up to his success and his journey towards making it as a writer. I think he and  his brother Tank are funny and talented and smart and absolutely adorable.

But everytime I try to read one of John Green's books like "The Fault in our stars" or "Looking for Alaska" I hate it. I don't want to hate it but I find the writing and the protagonists annoying and the stories depressing and dull. I love Young Adult literature and I want to like these books so badly but I never do. Believe me I tried to read them several times. But every single time I put them away.

3. Electronic beats in anything which is not Electro

This one is no surprise as I have already hinted it in point #1. I'm a sucker of good music. I listen to Rock, Pop, Punk, Ska, Accoustic, Country, RnB, whatever. I don't even mind Electro or Minimal because it's awesome for dancing you ass off at a club. The only thing I ask for is a pure genre. I want clear melodic Pop and harsh Rock with loud guitars.

The only thing I can listen to on the radio anymore are slow love songs from John Legend or Adele or something. This sucks. I have to add that in Germany the radio stations are even worse. When I was living in the US I got Rock and Country stations but here in Germany every single radio station plays the same shit: countless songs of tender girl voices over an uninteresting electronic beat.

4. Animated Movies

The last animated movie I remember enjoying was Finding Nemo but to be fair I was a lot younger then, so I doubt that I would still like it today. I get the artistic aspect and the simplicity of animated movies but they are just not for me. I would never go watch an animated movie in the movie theatre. Do grown up people actually pay for this stuff?

I do watch animated movies with my friends once in a while because apperently they all think that they are the cutest thing ever. Just a week ago I watched an animated movie (it was "Big Hero 6") with my boyfriend. It wasn't that bad and at one part I actually laughed out loud. My boyfriend asked me why I laughed if I supposedly hated animated movies. Well, I never said that an animated movie can't have a funny line or a touching scene, I'm just convinced that it would be better as a movie with real people - always. I just prefer real people over drawings, that's all.

5. Daenerys Targaryen

This one can get quite annoying because I talk about Game of Thrones with my friends a lot. I love Game of Thrones and it has so many great characters but Danaerys Targaryen isn't one of them. I know that the whole world admires her and is betting on her to win the throne of Westeros but honestly, if George R. R. Martin decided to kill her off, I would quietly celebrate. Unfortunately this is not likely to happen.

I just don't get what everyone is freaking out about. Okay to be fair the part where she spent a night burning and came out unharmed was kind of cool. But she's a child. What does she know about Westeros? Her storyline is boring and I hate the way she talks. Also, dragons aren't that cool. What dragons are is incredibly dangerous and Danaerys ignored that for a long time. Jon Snow, Jaime Lannister, Ygritte, Robb Stark, Tyrion Lannister, even Theon Greyjoy - those are interesting characters. Danaerys Targaryen, in my opinion, is not.

6. Severus Snape

Oh, I could write a book about this one. I grew up with the Harry Potter series and I hated Severus Snape from the very beginning. He was mean and brutal and arrogant. In fact, the only time I liked Snape was in book 6 and 7 during the time when he supposedly was a real Death Eater. This made sense. In the chapter at the beginning of book 6 in which he talked with Bellatrix and Narzissa he appeared for the only time as a believable even likable character, he was even kind of funny. But then that awful back story was unveiled and I hated him again.

I mean come on! I really don't get why everyone is loving the Snape and Lily Potter "love story". This love story sucks. They were friends as kids, okay that's fine. But then Lily started dating another guy and she married this person and had a kid with him. And instead of accepting that this just won't happen for him, Snape joined the Death Eaters which led to Lily's death. How is this romantic? Plus: The spells Snape wrote in his old potion book as a teenager proove that he was always obsessed with dark magic. He totally bought all the shit Voldemort stood for. He was a sucker for the dark side. And he did join the death eaters. So please, can we all stop calling Snape a hero?

7. Albus Dumbledore

For me Snape is the absolute worst. But Dumbledore comes close to him. There's nothing wrong with an old wise wizard who guides the young hero but Dumbledore messes this up on so many occassions. His whole back story with abandoning his siblings and almost becoming a dark wizard is interesting but also not very hero-like.

But what I hate most about Dumbledore is that he never tells Harry anything. I hate if the hero of the story (and Harry was literally marked as a hero) never gets any information about what's going on whatsoever. So Dumbledore wanted to spare him the trouble and the worries? Well that ship sailed away when Voldemort killed Harry's parents and left him marked for life. Come on at the very least after book 4 noone thought that Harry could have a normal life. But instead of giving him the information he needs to survive, Dumbledore withholds vital information from him that could save lifes, like f.e. Sirius Black's life in book 5 (yes, Sirius is my favorite character so damn you Dumbledore!) Harry can take the truth. He has proven this multiple times. But nevertheless Dumbledore, who acts like he is Harry's biggest supporter, leaves him in the dark and simlply doesn't believe in him.

8. Hotel California by The Eagles

Here's another weird one. I'm a huge fan of the Eagles. I listen to their Greatest Hits everytime I'm travelling. I love their music. The only song I skip every single time is Hotel California though this is their most famous and most popular tune.

Okay I have to be honest about this one. Hotel California is a perfectly fine song. There's absolutely nothing wrong with it. The reason I hate it, is that it reminds me of my ex boyfriend who used to play it when we were making out. And then he broke my heart. Someday I'll have a long list of great songs I can't listen to anymore because they remind me of some distant but painful memory. This sucks.

9. The raccoon from Guardians of the Galaxy

The only thing worse than animated movies are movies with animals in it that talk. I know I'm being really picky but a talking animal is just a no go for me. This is why I also disliked Narnia and simlar movies.

Still the raccoon of Guardians of the Galaxy is even worse because the film treats him like a human which he is not. He's a raccoon. I mean he doesn't even have a backstory which explains why he's a raccoon. This is just so weird. How does anyone fall for this stuff? I don't think that he's funny, I think he's ridiculous. Honestly I think that Guardians of the Galaxy generally was not that great as everyone says. It was okay but no hit. And the talking raccoon ruined it for me.

10. Angel from Buffy the Vampire Slayer

You may know that Buffy the Vampire Slayer is my all time favorite show. It has so many great character: Buffy, Xander, Willow, Anya, Dawn, Faith, Oz, Spike etc. - I love every single one of them. Exept Angel. I hate him.

I know Angel is supposed to be this handsome rebel type with a soft core and apparently the producers and the audience loved him so much that he even got a successful spin off series. Still I hate him. I think he's ugly and boring and he's slow and sad and honestly by far not good enough for Buffy. He is portrayed as her great love but he seems so very dull next to the sparkling and exciting Buffy. So yeah, I was glad when he left Sunnydale.

Montag, 6. April 2015

People aren't against you, they're for themselves.

Recently I have noticed a lot of people who waste a lot of thought, anger, time and energy on other people's opinions.

My friend told me some days ago that she thinks her tutor hates her because she critizised her for bringing her own paper to the exam (which is not allowed). Another friend confessed that she feels unwelcomed with my extended family though I know as a fact that all my uncles etc. like her and treat her like she was my sister. Another friend constantly notices that people are gossiping about our clothes or hair or voices or whatever though I would have never come to that conclusion.

Maybe I'm naive but what if my friend's tutor simply had a stressy day, my extended family just has different ways of showing that they like someone (because they're Indian) and those people on the street didn't even notice us. I believe that most people are too occupied with their own life and their own problems to give a shit about other people. We're not in High School anymore.

And even if people are gossiping about us. So what? Those persons don't mean anything to me or the life I am working towards. Let them talk.

A thing I recently realized is that people who talk shit about others or are mean to others always have their own problems which are bothering them and making other people's days miserable is easier than taking care of their own problems. I'm not justifying bullying, not at all. But I think as an adult it's time to realize that every single person out there is struggling just as much as we are. They're just as lost as we are, In the end we're all just trying to make it, to find something we're passionate about, to fall in love, to find happyness, to live a fullfilled life. Everyone has problems, even, or espeacially, those who may or may not be gossiping about you.

This sentence changed my entire worldview. If you keep in mind that people aren't against you but for themselves, then it's easier to realize that the person treating you wrong is just trying to find out how to get himself closer to his goals. Everyone is fighting their own battles. And everyone is fighting for themselves. It's kind of sad how much today's society is focused on individual gain. But I think that this is how it has become. And you can either join them and fight for your own goals without ever looking at what other people may need or you can go against the majority and be kind to others and help others and see yourself less as an individual and more as a part of a group. It's your choice and I would never judge you for which way you decide to go.

Still I think it's not too much to ask for, to be kind. You never know what the other person may go through.

Mittwoch, 1. April 2015

Keep Moving Forward

Today I was on the road again. Well actually I just travelled from the city I work in back to my hometown for a couple of days, so it's not that exciting ... except it is to me.

Even when I'm not going somewhere new and spectacular, I simply love love love travelling. And with travelling I mean the actual act of moving in some way from one place to a rather distant other place. I just love the feeling of moving, no matter if I'm hiking, flying, driving or going by train, bus or ship. I just like to move forward and I deeply believe that this is what I was born to do.

Today I travelled for four hours by bus. I sat next to the window, I pulled my knees close to me, sank deep into my seat, listed to the Eagles and watched the streets and fields and villages and people and sheep I was passing. The world was flying by and I was in heaven.

But let's go back a step. Today morning I grabbed my jacket and my backpack and was just about to leave the apartment when I realized that I didn't have my cell phone. I was just holding it in my hands minutes ago and now it simply disappeared. Paniced I rumbled through the apartment, threw hills of clothes around, looked under books and bags and scarfs, crawled on the floor to check under the bed and blew frustrated air out of my nose that made me sound like an angry dragon. Finally I found my cell hiding under my sleeping boyfriend. I stormed out of the apartment and catched the bus.

When I arrived at thte train station where the long distance bus was going to leave, I realized that I messed up the departure time and that I had to wait a whole hour in the cold train station. Finally the bus arrived. I was so hungry. I got out the sandwiches I made myself in the morning and just when I was about to bite into the first one, I discovered that they both had mold all over them. It was aweful. I was hungry and cold and tired but I was moving forward. And this was the only thing that mattered.

Sometimes we have really shitty days. And sometimes these days turn into shitty weeks and months. And it feels like we can't get out of a downward spirale that has replaced our life. Well, we can. There is only one way how to make a bad day or week or month into a good one and it is called Moving Forward. If everything sucks hanging onto how unlucky you are and how epically you screwed up will only make it worse. The only way out of this is to let it go and move forward.

Winston Chuchill once said: "If you're going through hell, keep going."

Time will always move forward. And so should you. Keep moving forward.