And then everything changed

Dienstag, 26. April 2016

Celebrate being alive!

This weekend I watched a Youtube video about how women often have to decide between a career and children. It made me think about how I'd decide and I came to the conclusion that I want neither of these things. I mean, I'm not sure if I won't want any of it at some point in my life (I'm only 24 yet) but I do know that neither a career nor having children is a priority for me. Those things are not the goal of my life, as they seem to be for many others. I think there's more to life than those two paths.

You know what I want out of life? I want to be happy. I want to live it to its fullest. I want to travel and read great books and watch life-changing movies and kiss in the rain and go on a sunrise hike and watch the stars and light scented candles and cuddle and dip my toes in the ocean. I want to spend my life doing the things that make me happy and being with the people who make me happy.

Sure, I'll have to work to provide for myself. But I don't want my life to only be fullfilled when I start a family (and by this I mean having children, really I don't understand the term to start a family - I already have a family). And I also don't want to spend my life working day and night, chasing money and fame. I have dreams and I chase them but I wouldn't call them a career. Success is relative. If I hold a dream job and earn a lot and people know me, I might not be happy. If I have children and grandchildren I might not be happy. But if I focus on spending as much time as possible doing things I love and being with people I love, then happiness is possible. I work but when the workday is over, I go home. You might say that's because I don't have my dreamjob, but I can seriously not imagine a job in the world which would make me wanna work day and night.

I always try to keep my blog positive. But I too have days when it all feels too heavy and when simple tasks like getting out of bed and having a shower seem really hard. I hate those days because they make me wanna crawl under my blanket and never come out again. But luckily in the last years those days are becoming more and more rare. Because I started being aware of the fact that life is full of possibilities, no matter how stuck you think you are.

A couple of weeks ago my boyfriend and I watched a documentary about a group of people who's plane crashed in the Andes and they were all dead or hurt and it was cold and then there was an avalanche. In short, it was really awful and a lot of people died. But some of them survived despite the odds. The documentary left me with such a joy for the simple fact that I'm alive. The next day we made a bonfire and we had some champagne and we celebrated that we're young and we're alive.

Because being alive, how simple it may sound, really is everything. Being alive means that there's always hope. There are so many things yet to see, so many adventures to embark on, so many places to visit, so many poeple to meet. So, take a minute to be grateful that you're alive and then go and be excited about the things to come. Celebrate being alive!

PS: If you want to have your life changed by said documentary, you can find it here.