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Montag, 12. September 2016

A Weekend in my Life

I've seen this post idea on another blog and thought it would be a fun thing to do on my own blog as well. Unfortunately I only decided to make this post today, so I just have a couple of pictures of my weekend which I took for Instagram (my Instagram name is anyasunita just like in my URL, I'd love to connect!). Maybe I will make an all-picture post on a Weekend in my Life in the future but for now I will mostly give you an insight into my life with words. Enjoy!


My weekend started on Friday at 5pm, which is when I get out of work. My boyfriend called me a couple of hours earlier and we decided to celebrate the start of the weekend with a bonfire, so I couldn't wait to get home and then get going. We bought some meat and drinks at the grocery store and then headed out to the forest to get the fire going. We were a gourp of four. There were already two older ladies who had started the fire and were really nice.

While collecting wood, a friend dropped a tree on me - I mean, technically it was just the trunk, but it was the complete lenght. We were carrying it and he dropped his end, so that mine slipped too and now I have two big scratches on my arm and a gigantic bruise on my thigh. Oh well, bonfires demand their sacrifices.

But once we got the fire going, it was mesmerizung. I love bonfires. I can just stare into them endlessly and it calms me down and gives me the feeling, that despite of everything, everything's alright anyway. It's so peaceful, yet so powerful and majestic. Staring into the fire is my kind of meditation.

We grilled some meat and zucchini and drank some mead and it was perfect. We talked and laughed and danced and watched the stars. We do bonfires on a regular basis but still every time I'm fascinated by the magic of the moment.

Between 2 and 3am we came back and I fell right into bed because I had been up since 7 in the morning.


I started the Saturday slow as always, reading the newspaper and eating a sandwich. Then I did some work, and edited some articles for the online magazine Lifehack which I work for. I copy-edited one of my own stories and took care of some bureaucratical things I had to do. It felt good to finally do some of the points on my to-do list.

In the afternoon I played a round of "Settlers of Catan", the boardgame, with my boyfriend. Yes, we play boardgames, a lot, and it's fun. Then we had dinner (I made rice and vegetables and sausages) and watched X-Men Apocalypse.


On Sunday I woke up at 9am, which is early for me on the weekends, but I enjoyed the extra time. I read lots of inspiring blogs on Bloglovin and had some sandwiches for breakfast. I also finished "Paper Towns" by John Green (a review is coming up soon).

In the afternoon we went to the lake. It was a beautiful end of summer day, with the sun still nice but not as burning as it was some weeks ago. We swam and ate and played cards and had a ridicolously bad match of badminton and it was a wonderful, worry-free Sunday. I love Sundays like this. When you spent time with friends and just enjoy the now, ignoring that the next day you have to face the more serious matters of life. I felt young and alive.

When we came home my boyfriend and I celebrated by engaging in some amorous excercise, if you know what I mean, then had a wonderful hot bath together. It was the perfect ending to a glorious weekend in my life.

How was your weekend?

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