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Mittwoch, 27. Juli 2016

My life is dumber than my phone

I finally have a smart phone which deserves its name. My previous one couldn't have any apps because it's software was too old and everything took forever to load. But my new phone can have all the apps and I can access everything instantly. Finally I get it. I get why everyone under 50 has a smart phone and why everyone is staring at it as if the answer to all of world's problems lies within. It's because it makes everything seem so easy.

I'm totally amazed. I can get the news, the latest gossip and the updates of friends who live at the other side of the Atlantic ocean with one click. I can know the answer to every question with one Google search. I can get inspiration through Instagram permanently. I can text with my friends in another city. My new phone is so fast and I'm getting a bit dizzy from all the possibilities. Suddenly everything is accessible to me all the time. It's all so easy.

But at the same time it makes me realize how much my real life is not that way. In my real life I have to move to a new apartment and packing and cleaning is exhausting. It takes forever. It is all so, so slow. On my phone I can see pictures of the other side of the world, or hell, even of outer space in a second. In real life it takes me almost an hour to travel from home to work every day.

In real life everything is so uncertain. What will happen? Where will I be in three months? Will I find a job? Will I be with the one I love? Where will we live? I want to know the answer right now but real life is not as smart as my phone. In real life I have to wait for things. It's slow and hard and unfair. I have to fight for every little thing. But it is real. I wish my life would be as easy and satisfying as my new smart phone. But it will never be. So I will take the long road, walk the tough path, deal with the unjustice, wait for the answers and put up a fight for what I love. Because no matter how shiny and fascinating my smart phone is, in the end it's my real life that matters. It's the only thing I have.

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  1. I got my smart phone when I started college because I needed it for my journalism program, and I can't even imagine life without it now. I totally get what you mean, how frustrating life can be with all of its uncertainties.