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Sonntag, 12. Februar 2017

#Readmyowndamnbooks Challenge 2017

I decided to participate in the #Readmyowndamnbooks Challenge by Estells's Revenge this year because I have too many unread books. It's ridicolously because I actually don't like owning many things, least of all things I haven't used before. Actually I have just sold some read books (as well as those I am not going to read ever because I realized they were aweful after a couple of pages) and organized my far too little book shelf for my 2017 TBR. I will definitely not read all of my unread books this year and I don't know which ones I will read when yet but I will try my best. Because they are so many, I sorted them into categories, so here you go:

Books I Bought

Ru Freeman - A Disobedient Girl: I just bought this some weeks ago for 2 Euros. It is entirely out of my comfort zone as it is a story I would usually not read, about a Sri Lankan mother but I'm trying to broaden my horizon, so let's see where it'll take me.

Christian Jacq - Der lange Weg nach Ägypten: I don't think there's a translation for this one. The title means "The long way to Egypt" and it's about a scientist in Egypt. I grabbed it for a Euro, just because I want to learn more about Egyptian history which sounds really interesting.

Heinrich Böll - The lost honor of Katherina Blum: A German classic which my Mum and several teachers urged me to read ever since I decided to be a journalist because apparently this is mandatory for all jounalists. I also found it for a Euro some weeks ago.

Woood Allen - Getting Even: A collection of collums by Woody Allen which, you guessed it, I bought second hand. I am really looking forward to this, hoping to learn something from his sense of humor and wit.

Nathanial Hawthorne - A scarlett letter: Okay I admit it, I want to read this solely because I love the movie "Easy A". But I also like the straightforwardness of American Classics so this will be no problem.

Harper Lee - To kill a mockingbird: Another American Classic I wanted to read for a while now. This one I even bought for the full price.

John Green - Looking for Alaska: I have gotton into the books of John Green only recently, when I read Paper Towns which was very well made. I have no idea what Looking for Alaska is about but I love the Green Brothers and as I am writing a youth novel myself I hope to learn from the world's most successful youth author.

Dave Eggers - A heartbreaking work of staggering genius: The Circle by Dave Eggers really shook me up (in a mostly positive but also kind of terrifying way), so when someone in a literature forum told me he had another book by Dave Eggers which he will send me for only the shipping costs, I took the chance.

The best Science Fiction stories from the Golden Age: I bought this some years ago at a second hand bookshop. A part of me really wants to get into Science Fiction but another part of me only likes modern Science Fiction in the sense of "Interstellar", "The Martian" or "Stranger Things", so I'm not sure if I will like this book.

Lilly Lindner - Winterwassertief: Lilly Lindner is my favorite German author (well, non-fantasy author). Her writing is beautiful and I actually bought this book when it was brandnew at a bookfair last year. The reason why I haven't read it yet, is because her books are also really depressing and I don't think I can handle that at the moment.

John Cleland - Fanny Hill The memoirs of a woman of pleasure: This is a funny story. I found this book at a second hand store and bought it as a joke for my friend who is named Fanny, but before I met her I read the first chapters and it was awesome. Of course they didn't have a second copy of it at the store. It was only months later that I found it at a different bookstore. So I am looking forward to this one.

--- From these I want to read soon: The lost honor of Katherina Blum, Getting Even, Looking for Alaska and Fanny Hill ---

Books I Got As A Gift

Dan Brown - Digital Fortress: My bosses niece sorted out some books, so I grabbed this one because I liked the Da Vinci Code.

The thin thing below is an old Science Fiction story I found somewhere.

Beth Neff - Getting Somewhere: Beth Neff is my favorite librarian. Not that I know so many librarians but she was in charge of the library in Three Rivers, MI, where I did an internship. She also held an awesome bookclub for millenials which I attended. This is her youth novel.

Richard Schwarz - Askir. The complete first saga: Richard Schwarz is one of Germany's most successful fantasy authors. His fandom is enourmous. One of my best friends does the illustrations for the collectors editions and they are truly breathtaking. I still haven't read it though as High Fantasy is normaly not my thing.

Jan Stressenheuter - Haus voller Wolken: The title means "House full of clouds" and it's a story about a gay couple. One of them has Alzheimer's. I attended a reading of the author at a bookfair and his writing is painfully beautiful. Still it is also a very heavy topic which is why I haven't started yet.

Walter Moers - Ensel and Krete: I found this in a book tree. I left a book there and took this one with me. As far as I can tell it's a children's fantasy book. It has a map of the fictional wold in it which is always cool.

Sousan Azadi - Flucht aud dem Iran: This book is called "The flight from Iran" and this is all I know about it. It was another of the books my bosses nieces sorted out and it sounded interesting.

Vendela Vida - Let the northern light erase your name: I won this at a literature forum but it's a thriller which I'm usually not interested in.

--- From these I want to read soon: to be honest probably nothing ---

Books I Borrowed

Margaux Fragoso - Tiger, Tiger: My friends gave me this because it's apparently a brilliant book about a person with a personality disordert (I think?).

Adalbert Stifter - Rock Chrystal: My boyfriend wants me to read this book because he thinks desciptions of the landscape and other surroundings are awesome and I think they're boring as hell. So he says that this book will change my mind. Let's see. Fortunately it's tiny.

Dirk Bernemann - Ich hab die Unschuld kotzen sehen: My friend loves this book and it's supposed to be really good. I actually wanted to write a paper about it but my teacher thinks it's no serious auhtor. Well, I'll read it anyway. Oh the title means "I saw the innocence puking" which is cool in itself.

George Orwell - Animal Farm: Well, you all probably know this but I haven't read it yet so my friend lent it to me.

Truddi Chase - When Rabbit Howls: This is also from a friend and about child abuse. Interesting but tough.

--- From these books I want to read soon: Rock Chrystal and Ich hab die Unschuld kotzen sehen ---

Non Fiction Books

Versunkene Städte der Maya: In English "Lost cities of the Maya". I love old civilisations and I'm traveling to South America soon, so this interests me.

Ines Witka - Die Nacht der Masken: The title means "Night of the Masks" and it's a report of exclusive masquerade sex parties. The topic is really intruguing and I know the author personally, she's an awesome lady.

Heinz R. Pagels - Die Zeit vor der Zeit: I'm not sure if this is a translation but the title is "The time before the time". I also found this at a second hand store and I love astrophysics so this is going to be awesome.

Daniel Domscheit-Berg - Inside WikiLeaks: My mum gave this to me christmas 2015. She loved it and keeps asking me if I've read it yet, so I will soon.

Daniel Cohn-Bendit, Rüdiger Damman - 1968: Yes, I also got this at a second hand store. I used to be obsessed with 1968 or the 60s in general, this is the time I actually belong in. I suspect that I already know everything this book will teach me but let's see. Daniel Cohn-Bendit is a well known German politician and I interviewed him once about his activism in the 60s.

Hubert J. Bernhard - New Handbook of the Heavens: This is a really old atronomy book I bought at a second hand store. A lot of this stuff is probably not valid anymore but it looks supercool..

Pierce Vietebsky - Shamanism: This is also going to be interesting and I found it at a book fleemarket.

--- From these books I want to read soon: Die Zeit vor der Zeit and Inside WikiLeaks ---

Books I Half-Read So Far

Hanns Kurth - Encyclopedia of dream symbols: Obviously I don't read this book from front to end. I just bought it a week ago and it has already been awesome. I look up elements of my and my boyfriend's dreams in it.

Val Williams - Photography. Understanding 80 masterpieces: This book is awesome! It has many of the most famous photgraphs and breaks them down into the settings and all the little things which make them perfect.

Wilfried Stascheit - Quantumtheory A non-fictional Comic: This is such a great idea. It is a comic which explains the quantum theory. It is still pretty complicated but a lot of fun. I started reading it, then looked for it for years until I recently found it at my boyfriend's parents' house.

Jennifer Egan - The Best American Short-Stories 2014: I already read a couple of short-stories from this and they were pretty good, so I'll go on.

Leo Tolstoy - War and Piece: I bought this about two years ago and am still in the first quater. It is actually really entertaining, a lot funnier than expected but it's also gigantic so that I need breaks from it all the time.

James Joyce - Ulysses: I have read even less from this one. My friend gave it to me Christmas 2015 because apparently every writer should read it in order to break free from the conventional way of writing but it's really confusing and huge.

Bob Dylan - Chronicals: So this is actually a really great book. I enjoy his writing a lot and I continue reading it every once in a while. It's just, like musicians' biographies are often, really music technical at parts which makes it difficult for people like me who don't make music.

--- From these I want to read soon: Encyclopedia of dream symbols, Photography, Chronicals ---

So these are it, all in all 38. Have you read any of these?

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