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Mittwoch, 8. Februar 2017

Remember: Everyone is struggling

It's so easy to think that we're the only ones having problems, pitying ourselves and wishing that we could be one of these giggling girls in the coffee shop, or have a relationship like the kissing couple next to the bus stop, or - most commonly - live a life as glamorous and adventurous and worryfree as the Instragram celebrities we follow.

But I tell you a secret: The girl group in the coffee shop could have just finished a conversation about relationship problems or job issues and are now telling each other jokes to cheer up. The kissing couple might be about to be seperated for months because one of them has to move away for work and are sharing a last kiss. And the Instragram beauties' smiles might disappear the second they lower their phone camera when they resume thinking about all their troubles.

It's nothing new that everyone wants to be seen as successful and happy and that we're all presenting our best side to world. But this has increased even more with social media. Noone shares their low points on social media. We all share the good stuff, the success. This can lead to us thinking that there is only good stuff in other people's lives but this isn't true. We're not the only ones struggeling.

When I sit in the bus I often watch other people and wonder what they are worrying about right now, because let's be honest we are all worrying all the time, especially at times when we are alone. I think about who in this bus just lost their job or hates going to work every morning. I wonder who's doubting their relationship. I wonder who's missing a friend who distanced themselves from them. I wonder who's terryfied about a health issue they're dealing with. I wonder who is replaying a hurtful conversation in their head again and again. I wonder whose familiy member just died.

You get the point. I might do this a bit obsessively but it can't be bad to think about other people's struggles from time to time. Not only will it make us feel less alone with our problems but it will also help us understand the other person a bit better. Because I believe that more often than not people who are rude are not intentionally mean but are just having a really shitty day. And all of us have these, right? So next time before you judge someone, remember that everyone's struggeling and that we're all just trying our best.


  1. So true! I often have to remind myself that we all have our own things going on. I've always tried to be very transparent and honest online, for better or for worse, and I would love if more people did that.

  2. That's true, it's great when people show that it's not all sunshine online, so that people don't think that something's wrong with them when they're not happy all the time.