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Dienstag, 27. Juni 2017

You get what you put out there

You know how people say that you should try to bring positive vibes into the universe and good things will happen to you? Well, maybe you don't hang around with so many spirtually obsessed people like I do, but I'm sure you've heard something similar before. Well, I recently found out that it's true.

I have this new job where I hand out flyers/vouchers in the streets for a local hairdresser. I was a bit nervous on the first day, because I was worried if I would manage to hand out as many as my boss wanted to or if noone would take them. Also, my Mum asked me if this was really the job for me as I had a job before where I had to talk with lots of people on the street in order to sell them something and (at least according to my Mum) I sucked at it.

But in this new job handing out flyers? I don't suck. Not at all. In fact I am handing them out twice as fast as expected and (even better) it's fun! Also I feel like through this job I have become more open and approachable. People notice me more and people talk to me on the street all the time, asking me if I want to participate in something, etc. Also people I don't know at all suddenly greet me and I can just assume that I've handed a flyer to them some time. Plus, the craziest thing happened to me today. A girl on the street working for the company I once worked for (you know, talking to people in order to sell them something) approached me and offered me my old job back.

Which leaves me with two thoughts: First, I must be a completely different person than I was seven years ago. Which is probably totally normal and healthy. Second, you truly get what you put out there. If you try to be open and confident and motivated and happy, oppurtunities will come your way. It might feel weird in the beginning but it's really the little things which make all the difference. So for the start here's another clichée that's true: A smile can go a long way.

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