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Samstag, 26. September 2015

A quick word on Infinity

I once had a conversation with my friend's boyfriend which went something like this:

Him: "Look at my tattoo, which says 'All things are temporary', written in Arabic."

Me: "Well, isn't that a bit ironic, to have a tattoo, which is literally permanent, which says 'everything's tempory'?"

Him: Is it permanent, though? At last, when I'm dead and my body decays, my tattoo, too, will be gone."

Me: "True. But isn't the saying a bit depressing?"

Him: "Not for me. When everything's temporary, this means you should do whatever you want to do because in the end it won't matter either way."

Me: "Hmm."

Him: "You don't think so?"

Me: "I guess that's true. But it makes me sad. I guess I am looking for something permanent."

And isn't this the whole tragedy of life itself? One day it'll end. And everything you did, everything you said, all the impacts you had on other people, all the carrot pies you ate, all the inspiring blogs you read, won't matter in the long run.

Why do we promis each other forever if forever means simply till the day I die? Why do we thrive for things that'll last, friendships, relationships, stories, ideas?

When I was younger, I wanted to die with 29 because I simply thought that's enough life to live. But then I fell in love and now I share my life with someone I love, and all I can think is: I hope we both will live for hundred years so that we can experience many, many things together.

And it's not just about him, either. For me, myself, I have realized that there is still so much I want to see and to do and even if I live a 100 years it won't be enough. I want to travel to space and I want to be able to buy a ticket for a spaceship for the price of a plane ticket. I want to witness how humanity settles on another planet. I want to time travel. I want to be able to perceive dimensions, I don't even know about. I want to live in a world where all humans are one nation and treat each other with respect.

Honestly, I think that some of these things will be possible in the next 100 years. But I am almost 25. I might not live that long. But then again, maybe until I'm old, medicine will be so advanced, that we'll all live a lot longer. They say, the first person to live until 150 is already born. Might as well be me.

Still, some day, we'll all die. Probably. As for now, infinity is a concept which will never, ever be perceived by humans. And that's a shame. Or is it?

Do you pursue infinity or do you enjoy the fact that everything is termporary?

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