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Sonntag, 6. März 2016

Things I've learned after opening my eyes to what's going on in the world - Part 3

As you may know, I reguarily read the newspaper and now and then I share here the most interesting things I've learned about the world in the last couple of months. This is part 3 of the series, but I would love if you check out part 1 and 2, too.

*of course the main topic in German media is still the refugee crisis and I learned some new facts and ideas about it lately

  1. apparently a lot of refugees try to kill themselves or hurt themselves in order to not be deported back to their home country; however they could just not open the door - German police has no right to break into where they live if they have to be deported; still many do more drastic things f.e. they destroy all their documents because without them they can't send them back, some even chemically burn their fingertips so that nooone can identify them
  2. fleeing is mostly Survival of the Fittest, that's why so many healthy men succeed; Germany puts out the message: to come here will be icredibly hard but if you manage to survive, you might as well find a way to stay; the author of the article argued that we should tell possible refugees right away when and when not they have a right of asylum --- but I think he undererstimates the desparation of most refugees: hope for a better life is stronger than rationality, people aren't rational, they're emotional
  3. there was a fantastic article by Marc Brost and Mark Schieritz which stated that in the beginning everyone was poor, then some people became rich and now the poor come to the rich; they argued that we (the Western wolrd) sold cars in China, got ressources from Africa, placed our old ships at Indian coasts and dumped our trash into the oceans, that's why we became rich; but now globalization turns around and we need to learn to share; we used to think that poor countries become richer simply by trading with the rich countries, but the world doesn't work that way, we destroyed our ecology and it won't be able to hold anymore rich countries; also they argue that even in Germany there are many poor people and of course they don't buy expensive fair trade products, therefore poverty creates more poverty --- economic refugees are a consequense of capitalism and globalization, now we have to pay the price for those two concepts and our system is about to fail
*another huge topic in Germany, as anywhere on Earth at the moment, is the Syrian war

  1. Russia attacked everyone who's against the regime, even in areas where there are no ISIS fighters at all
  2. on the up side, autonomous zones in which people work together, organize themselves and share everything have formed in Syria and this is truly revolutionary
Carne Ross 

*a former diplomat named Carne Ross proclaimed in an interview that the sanctions agains Saddam Hussein most of all hurt the Iraqi people, because of them there was hunger, insufficient medical equipment and not enough water

Brandon Bryant

*also, there was a very interesting story about Brandon Bryant, a US drone pilot: he spoke up against using drones and stated that only 2% of the 5000 deaths of drone attacs were high vaue targets, and for it he was excommunicated from his church, his girlfriend and friends walked away, his credit card was cancelled and the FBI was after him; then the German parliament invited him to speak and now he seeks asylum in Berlin

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