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Montag, 28. März 2016

Why not us?

I have always been someone who dreamed big. I'm talking revolution/changing the world/becoming super famous kind of big. Especially in my teens I seemed to think that anything is possible for me. Sure, I was a bit megalomaniac and now that I'm an adult, I have learned that following your dreams is a whole lot harder and more frustrating than I thought. But I still deeply believe in the concept of dreaming big.

Every since I was 11 years old I wanted to write. I wanted to be a journalist. sometimes for women magazines, sometimes for political newspapers. I wanted to write collums. I wanted to write reportages which reqire me to travel to three different continents and which take me a year to research for (there are those stories in newspapers for which the reporters actually researched for more than a year and they are always, regardless of the topic, fantastic!). I still want all of those things though I still have to find my way into the world of big journalism.

A dream I'm chasing right now is to write and publish a book. This book, of course, is supposed to be read. Finally I have a story I'm convinced of, and I work on it every weekend. So far I have only three chapters but I'm making progress. I hope to have finished the first draft by the end of the year.

I have a friend who also loves to write and has already finished a second draft of a book. To have a friend who shares my passion of writing is fantastic. Not only can we share tips and dream together but also it is extremely motivating to know someone who is fighting the same battle.

When people tell me that journalism and writing is a difficult and a popular field and that so many people want to succeed in it but only very few make it, I always answer: Well, if a few make it, then why shouldn't it be me? Seriously. Sure, I could focus on all those who fail but why? The one who succeeds could just as well be me. If you really want something, you should believe that it's possible or you'll live a pretty miserable life.

My friend has given this concept a nice slogan (which apparently is from Struck by Lightning by Chris Colfer, which I yet have to read): Why not us? Why shouldn't we become succesful authors? Why the hell not us?

Of course this mindset is not an excuse to become lazy and trust luck. In contrary. I know that I still have a very, very long path in front of me, a path towards my book and towards serious journalism. I still have to learn a lot and improve my writing. I have to improve so much that I'll be able to write the best book I could possibly write. Also, I have to network and find the right people at the right places at the write time which I'll have to convince of my idea. It will be an uphill battle but I am very much willing to fight it. If my book is shitty, then I won't succeed, no matter how often I ask myself; Why not us? But if I have done everything in my power to get close to my dream, then success is possible.

So the next time you scare away from a big dream because it's a tough field and you've heard that only very few make it, ask yourself Why not me? and then go and work your ass off.


  1. I adore your blog so much. Every word you write fills me with so much inspiration that I feel the urge to actually go and work my ass off! Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

    1. It always great to hear that I inspire someone with my words! Thank you!

  2. Love it! A lot of people discouraged me from studying journalism, from freelance writing and going after my dreams, but I keep pushing forward, because like you I know that it's what I want to do more than anything else. Way to keep going! And best of luck on your book :) It must be amazing to have a friend who is also a writer, I so crave friends that share similar interests and passions as me.

    1. Your path towards writing and journalism sounds amazing - keep going! And luckily the internet offers the chance to connect with like-minded people worldwide. Thanks for commenting!