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Sonntag, 12. Juni 2016

My 10 All Time Favorite Game of Thrones Characters

I already did a post on the Game of Thrones characters I still care about but why ignore all the wonderful characters which are already dead. Just because they're not on the show anymore, doesn't mean that they don't deserve any credit. That's why I decided to make a list of my All Time Top 10. Obviously, this post will contain spoilers.

1. Robb Stark

I'm the only person I know who will put Robb Stark on place 1. But I adored him. I loved season 2 and 3 so much because those were Robb Stark's glorious days. He was brave and rightous and honest and honarable. He was strong and he was winning. Also, he was really hot. But he risked and lost it all (including his own life) because he married the woman he loved instead of the one he was promised to and this makes him even better. Robb Stark was the unappreciated hero of the show. What can I say, I'm a fan of heroes, I fall for the good guys.

2. Jaime Lannister

Jaime Lannister is the perfect example of a character you absolutely hate in the beginning, then start to love. (By the way: To be fair, the still living characters have a much bigger chance to develop and proove themselves which is why most characters on this list are still alive.) In season 1 I didn't really care for Jaime. I didn't hate him because he threw Bran out of the window but he was just so shallow, the good-looking evil knight, that I didn't think twice about him.

season 1

But the more I observed Jaime and Cercei, the more I grew to love their relationship. Yes, they're brother and sister and they love each other a lot mor physically than they should, but you can't deny that they're the most stable couple of the show. Jaime's love for Cercei never wavered. Cercei was the only woman he ever loved (both emotionally and physically). For the two of them, it was always them against the rest of the world - and it still is - and that's the most romantic story you can find in Game of Thrones. That's love, people.

season 6

But the point were I started adoring Jaime Lannister was when he stood by Tyrion's side during his trial, when he was willing to even marry (which meant that he'd have to be with another woman except Cercei) to save his brother and when he finally risked everything and betrayed his beloved Cercei to set Tyrion free. Though everyone around him looked down on his dwarf brother, Jaime always stood by Tyrion and he cared about him enough to risk his own happiness.

This shows that for Jaime the world is really separated into his family and the rest of the world. If you're not family, Jaime Lannister won't care about you, he won't hesitate to throw you out of a window to protect the ones he loves. But if you're family (which means his siblings Cercei and Tyrion, or his kids Tommen, Myrcella or even Joffrey) he will do everything (inculding killing and being killed) to protect you.

3. Jon Snow

I have to admit that I grow a bit bored by Jon Snow in season 6 so far but after Robb Stark died Jon Snow was the next better thing. He too is brave and strong and sexy and he will do the thing he believes to be right, even if it will end in him being stabbed by his own brothers of the Night's Watch. The moment Jon Snow won my heart, was when he saved the Wall (with help from Stannis Baratheon). He's best when he's in battle with his leader mode turned on. But lately he's even more grumpy than before. Still, I'm intruiged by the thought of him and Sansa going to war.

4. Sansa Stark

Which brings me to place 4 and my favorite female character. Sansa too is a character who developped incredibly. She started out as this naive, arrogant girl but then she turned into a real badass. Sansa had to go through so much awful stuff, more than almost anyone on the show, being engaged to Joffrey, then watching as he killed her father, brother and mother, enduring his bad treatment, marrying Tyrion, being played by Littlefinger and then marrying Ramsay and being abused by him. And she didn't fight or kill someone or throw someone out the window or sleep her way to freedom like every other Game of Thrones character would do but she took it all with her head held high. She suffered but she got through it and it made her stronger. That's why Sansa Stark is my biggest inspiration in the show.

5. Theon Greyjoy

Some seasons ago, Theon was my second most hated character. He betrayed the Stark family, betrayed Robb Stark who treated him like a brother, occupied their home, captured their brothers and killed many. I thought there's no way he could get back from that. But then Ramsay found him and tortured him until he forgot who he was. The only character who had to endure more than Sansa was Theon. He really went thorugh hell and he didn't endure it with his head held high but he was absolutely broken by it. He truly paid his price. And then at the end of season 5 he finally stood up and saved Sansa from Ramsey. The moment he took her hand and they jumped from that wall, was the most beautiful thing ever. And just some episodes ago he didn't go against his sister to nominate himself as leader of his people (like I feared given his tendency to be a back-stabbing jerk) but he backed her up and supported her. Theon has come a long way and I'm excited about where he'll go.

6. Cercei Lannister

Well, I don't really like Cercei. She's manipulating and controlling and kind of a bitch. But she's also incredibly strong. She doesn't let anyone treat her like shit - and if they do, she'll endure it with pride and make a mental note have them killed later. In the fantastic last episode of season 5 when she did her Walk of Shame she was the strongest, most beautiful woman in whole Westeros and I really respected her for not giving up. Say about her what you want, but just like Jaime, Cercei would do anything to protect the ones she loves.

7. Ramsay Bolton

Just look at that handsome face.

I know, I know. Ramsay is evil and cruel and a borderline psychopath. I agree. But I have to admit that I find him kind of hot. That's really the whole reason he's on this list. I love to watch his scenes, because in his psychopatic, crazy, brutal way, he's really sexy.

8. Tyrion Lannister

I can honestly not say a single negative thing about Tyrion. He doesn't excite me, I don't adore him like Robb Stark or Jon Snow and I don't passionately judge but admire him like Jaime Lannister or Ramsay Bolton, but he's the one. I mean, he's the one who should end up on the iron throne. He's smart (both book-smart and street-smart) and he's brave and fair. He understands politics and the deep, dark souls of people. Yes, he likes whores and wine and sarcasm, but everyone has flaws. Yes, he shot his father on the toilet, but come one, I'm suprised he sticked with him for so many years though his father always treated him like shit. I was always impressed that Tyrion stood by his family though he knew that they were frauds and though he took so much crap from them. And now he rules for Danarys and is already proving that he's a much better leader than she'll ever be. Go Tyrion!

9. Margaery Tyrell

First, Margary is georgous. Second, she's really good at manipulating pretty much everyone but at the same time she still isn't perceived as evil or mean like Cercei. People tend to like her and I do too. It's inspiring how she fights her way through the lies and dangers of Kingslanding - her latest fight against The Sparrow and how she managed to come out of it is just the best example. But the moment I started to really admire her, was when she managed to make even Joffrey, that evil basterd who wanted to see the world burn, like her. When she made him demonstrate his crossbow and then made him give to the poor so that the people would hate him a bit less. Honestly, if you can make Joffrey fall in love with you, then there's nothing you can't do.

10. Ygritte

Okay, it's not like I really like Ygritte, it's more that I couldn't think of anyone else for place 10. The only reason I think Ygritte's kind of cool is that she said to Jon Snow when he left her and stayed loyal to the Night's Watch he'd shoot him and then that's exactly what she did: She shot him several times. Now that's every broken-hearted ex-girlfriend's dream, right?

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