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Freitag, 3. Juni 2016

Picture You

Some weeks ago, I participated in Peace and Chaos founder Cole's 7-day-photography E-mail course "Picture You". It was so much fun and really motivated me to get out my camera and be creative. Here are my results.

Day 1 - Home

The first excercise was to think about what we concider to be our home. The first thing that came to mind was my boyfriend. Because I am not very connected to any physical place or anything materialistic for that matter. I don't care where I live, as long as I am with the person I love. But as my boyfriend doesn't like having his picture taken, I soon gave up this idea.

Instead I managed to find something else which makes me smile whenever I look at it: My bookshelf.

Because I read a lot of Ebooks, many of my favorite books are not sitting in my bookshelf. But of the books which I do have in this bookshelf, my favorite book is definitely "The Beach" by Alex Garland.

I bought it last year in Helsinki.

At the time when I was taking the pictures, I was just reading "Struck by lightning" by Chris Colfer.

The Day 1 exercise also asked us to write down 10 reasons why we love our home, so I wrote down 10 reasons why I love my boyfriend.

Day 2 - Friends and Family

On day 2 the prompt was to take pictures of a friend while they are doing something they are passionate about. I am planning to take pictures of my friend while she is drawing but we haven't had time to do this, yet.

Day 3 - Day-to-day

On Day 3, we were asked to take photos throughout the day and document our everyday life. I took these pictures with my phone which is why they are of a low quality.

Here's me in the morning getting ready for work.

At the bus stop. The sky was truly beautiful on that day.

My desk at work.

At about 6pm I returned home and my workday was over.

My boyfriend was out with a friend that night, so I made myself some pasta and relaxed while watching a TV show.

In case you wandered, I'm watching Crazy Ex-Girlfriend which is hilarious.

Day 4 - Career

On Day 4 the prompt was to document some projects we are currently working on. The biggest project I'm working on is my novel. I am writing a youth novel. So far, I have only 4 chapters but I'm making progress. So I documented my first chapter and some notes of my plans for plot and structure.

Day 5 - Body

On Day 5 we were asked to think about our best and worst features and to appreciate our body through photography.

Day 6 - Hobbies and Interests

Here we were asked to document one of our favorite hobbies. As I love journaling and do it very regularily, that's what I photographed. Here is my beautiful diary.

And a page from inside it.

Also I followed Cole's advice and made a list of my hobbies and interests.

Day 7 - Self

On Day 7 Cole invited us to think about our favorite things and to take photos of them. I have to admit that I didn't complete this photo prompt but some of my favorite things were already covered in previous prompts. Here's my list.

The Picture You course was so much fun and I can only recommend it to everyone who wants to get creative and dig into photography!


  1. I love all of your photos so much, but especially day 5! I'm so happyy to hear you enjoyed my email course! :D

  2. Thanks for creating the course! It was so much fun, just being silly in front of the camera on Day 5 :)