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Dienstag, 12. Mai 2015

3 Blogger Who Inspire Me

It's true that I love books more than most people but there are some people who really inspire me to move forward and to stand up for myself. Some of them are members of my family or friends or people who surround me on a daily basis, others are authors or actors or historical figures, and some are bloggers. Here are 3 bloggers who inspire me:

1. Keltie Knight

I got to know Keltie Knight, then Keltie Colleen when I first joined Buzznet in 2011 and though I've never met her in person, she (probably unknowing) had a great impact on my life. Keltie Knight is a dancer turned author turned entertainment journalist, three things which I absolutely admire and which I aspire to in my own life.

After Keltie finished High School in Canada she moved to New York City all by herself with nothing but her dreams and a great talent at dancing. I've read her book "Rockstars, Rockettes and Rockbottom" about this time and not only did I underline every other sentence because it was so beautifully true but also did I identify myself with her. When Keltie first moved to NYC she struggled really hard. She lived in a tiny apartment and had a tough time finding jobs as a professional dancer. But she kept fighting and over the years she danced for the Rockettes, in a show in Las Vegas and for numerous megastars. She made it because she believed in herself even when noone else did.

Also she had a couple of really aweful realtionships, the most famous with Panic at the Disco leadsinger Brendon Urie. She always fell for the wrong guys and went through relationships which almost broke her. Today Keltie Knight is happily married and her lovestory with her husband makes me believe that lifelong love is possible.

The one thing out of all the many projects and jobs Keltie has been busy with which I loved most were her HeartBlogs on Buzznet. They were so vunerable, so close to real life that they hit me right in the heart every single time. I was so disapointed when Keltie left Buzznet last year but just yesterday I found out that she is starting a new blog with her genius HeartBlogs returning. So if you've never read one of Keltie Knight's HeartBlogs you have the chance now. It might change your life.

2. Hiya Tootsie

I've just discovered Hiya Tootsie some months ago because we are both writing for the absolutely adorable magazine The IndieChicks. Hiya Tootsie is a freelance writer who quit her job to follow her dreams. This fact alone makes me admire her. I have thought about freelancing fulltime a lot recently but I am not entirely sure that I'm brave enough. Maybe I should read even more Hiya Tootsie.

Because this is exactly what she is: brave. Honestly there is no better word to describe this lady. She is absolutely bold and goes after what she wants and doesn't let anyone talk shit about her. Yes, she also has anxieties and insecurities but she takes risks and moves towards her goals NEVERTHELESS. This is the key to success and this woman has it.

3. Samii Ryan

Samii Ryan is another fellow former Buzznet-Blogger and this is how I got to know her. She is an incredible person, a model and a designer. One look at her and you can see that Samii Ryan is an outstanding girl. Her style is the absolute coolest and her attitude inspires me to be more daring.

On her blog Samii Ryan writes a lot about love, or rather the lack thereof, and sex. I love how open and honest she is about sex. She treats sex as this activity which we all do and which can lead to really embarassing stories but which can also create some of the best experiences you will ever have. And this is exactly what sex is about. I enjoy talking with my friends about sex A LOT, there's no topic more popular, and it was among others through Sammi Ryan that I become more comfortable with my body and more open and adventurous with my sex life. So thanks for that, Samii.

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