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Mittwoch, 20. Mai 2015

Movie Recommendation: Seven Psychopaths

Every now and then I find a movie I've never heard of before which totally blows my mind. This was the case with "Seven Psychopaths". My boyfriend wanted to watch this movie, so when I started watching it I expected either a horror movie or a bad comedy. But the more the movie progressed, the more often I found myself thinking "Man, this stuff is really good".

"Seven Psychopaths" was released in 2012. It's about an aspiring writer Marty Faranan, played by Colin Farrell, who wants to write a screenplay with the title "Seven Psychopaths". As research his best friend Billy Bickle, who's hands down the best character in this movie, puts an ad in the newpaper asking for real life psychopaths.

And then things get weird. Marty's screenplay and reality collide in a way that leaves it long uncertain which version is the real one. It reminded me of the equally brilliant movie "Stranger than Fiction", just a lot more bloody. It also reminded me a bit of Quentin Tarantino movies because just as Tarantino loves to do, "Seven Psychopaths" is built like a puzzle which is only completed in the end.

"Seven Psychopaths" did several things to me. For me a criteria of a good movie is that it has plot twists which make me think "Well, I didn't see that coming" and "Seven Psychopaths" is this kind of movie. It also made me want to write a screenplay regardless of the fact that I know absolutely nothing about screenwriting. And it made me laugh out loud. Because in the end "Seven Psychopaths" is just absolutely hilarious.

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