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Mittwoch, 15. Juli 2015

Here are the 7 still living Game of Thrones characters I care about *SPOILERS*

George R. R. Martin, the creater of the brutal, fantastical world of Game of Thrones, is great at killing of major characters. We've just seen this at the end of last season (I mean who would have expectet THIS?). Unfortunately he's also great at killing of characters I love, he already killed of four of my favorite characters, simply because I'm a fan of family Stark and those guys tend to die. First Ed Stark, then Cat Stark and Robb Stark and now Jon Snow. This is no show for heroes.

But this forces me to start liking characters I hated earlier, because the good guys who I usually root for are dying off quickly. There are a number of characters I either dislike or couldn't care less of (Arya, Danaerys, Bran, Rickon, Mellissandre, Davos, Sam, Little Finger, Varys, Sir Jorah ...) but there are still seven characters left who I find extremely interesting and intriguing.

Here are my 7 favorite still living characters:

1. Jaime Lannister

I have a thing for Jaime. Ever since he proved to be a decent guy after all, when he saved Brienne, when he gave everything for his lover and sister Cercei and his kids time after time, and most of all when he saved his brother Tyrion, he has been my second favorite still living character right after Jon Snow - and hey, this spot just opened up! The fact that Jaime went behind Cercei's back and betrayed her trust though he loves her more than anyone, to save his brother, who everyone but him looks down on, really got me. This is what they call loyalty, and Jaime Lannister, regardless of his flaws, has it.

2. Cercei Lannister

Cercei, just like Jaime, is a character I loathed in the beginning but know I kind of look up to her. She is definitely devious and manipulating but she would do everything to protect her children and she's and incredibly strong woman. She deeply believes in her right of power and in herself. She stands up for herself and she doesn't let anyone treat her like shit. Those are the qualities which keep you alive in Westeros. And the way she kept going regardless of the total humilation she endured during her Wallk of Shame at the end of the last season was truly fabolous.

3. Sansa Stark

I still can't get over Sansa's major development. I can't believe that the insecure, naive, stupid little Sansa Stark from the beginning is the same person as the badass Sansa we know now. She really went through hell, being engaged to Joffrey who killed off half of her family, to being forced to marry Tyrion, to nearly being killed by her crazy aunt, to marrying Ramsey who is obviously evil. But she kept going with her head held high. She's still alive and for that she deserves respect. Sansa will keep surprising us with her awesomeness, I'm sure of this.

4. Theon Greyjoy

I can't even believe that Theon Greyjoy made it on this list. One season ago I hated him for betraying the Stark family who raised him as one of their own and who treated him like family and I thought that he deserved all the awful tortures and the complete loss of his own personality. But he has truly payed his price. And though he was broken beyond repair, he somehow found the strength in himself to stand up and do the right thing, and run away with Sansa. The character of Theon is just so interestingly created, he starts to fascinate me more than most of the others.

5. Ramsey

Wow, I feel really bad for this one. But something about Ramsey's total brutality kind of fascinates me. I mean, he's this small, soft-looking guy and then he cuts off body parts. Wow. Don't get me wrong: Ramsey's an aweful person but I enjoy watching him. He's as evil as King Joffrey (if not more) but he lacks the ridicolousness which Joffrey had.

6. Tyrion

Here's finally a good guy! Well he killed his father, but hey, everyone on Game of Thrones has a moment of weakness, right? Still I believe that Tyrion is actually trying to do what's right for Westeros and if he ended up on the Iron Throne, I think he would make a great king - I mean if you ignore the heavy drinking and whoring around and constant sarcasm. I would have bet on Jon Snow to win the throne, but oh well, I guess I lost that bet. So now Tyrion's my top runner. Go Tyrion!

7. Margaery

Margaery's this girl that you just have to love regardless of the fact that she's a manipulating bitch. Yes she takes what she wants without caring about others. But on the other side she helps the poor and she stands by her family. Those are the things that matter. Still the last season left her in a really bad situation so I'm afraid there's a lot of misery waiting for her.

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