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Montag, 20. Juli 2015

Things I've learned after opening my eyes to what's going on in the world - Part 1

So a little more than a month ago, I started being interested in the world again. After years of neglect I finally started to regurarly read newspapers and to stay up to date with news online again. And I've already learned a lot about the world, so far.
(Please note that all the "facts" here are based on German media.)

Things I've learned after opening my eyes to what's going on in the world:

*by far the best article I've read in a while was by famous left sociologist Slavoj Zizek, which was named "What is still left?" ironically the article's really not that left but rather out of a slightly left moderate center, but this has a reason (see #3)

  1. Zizek states that there are 3 types of juridical persons in debt: 1st: those who are too important economically to let them fail (multi concerns etc.); 2nd: those who can control their debt (the U.S. government); and 3rd: those we can treat like shit (Greece) ---- what kind of world are we living in if companies (who represent goods and money) are treated better than countries (who represent people)?
  2. Zizek predicted (this was before Greece agreed to Germany's terms) that if Greece leaves the Euro and other countries like Spain and Portugal follow, European capitalism will implode ---- this is an intersting scenario but we won't see it, yet
  3. in our days social democracy ideas like equal oppurtunities are considered left ---- which is why this article was also considered left
Slavoj Zizek

*there was an article about how noone trusts journalists anymore and the journalists who wrote it pretty much only said that they're trying their best but actually have no clue whatsoever what to do about this ---- to be honest, I too don't know what to believe anymore, everything written by another person can be a lie and you can only know the truth if you are there which is almost never the case, well, one more reason for me to become a serious journalist

*president Alexis Tsipras was back in the day a high school protest celebrity

Alexis Tsipras

*another intersting article talked about how manipulated and photoshopped photos are (even or espeacially those in journalism)
  1. they quote a photographer who says that if he would hand in a non-photoshopped picture, they would laugh at them ---- which might actually be the case. there's a guy in my photography course and he takes the most amazing pictures but when i asked him about his secret, he said they are extremely photoshopped
  2. on the other hand: photos are never reality. people took and still take black and white pictures and nothing is farther away from reality
  3. it might be interesting to know that pictures in newspapers have little credits in a corner: M is for manipulated, they note if this is only a part of the photo, if it is mirror-inverted, and if it comes from an unreliable source it says "Propagandafoto" ---- i think, you don't have to know German to understand what this means
*in the Philipines there are lots of white kids who are children of a prostitute and a foreign sex tourist, the other kids think they're weird because of their skin colour and there fathers have mostly disappeared forever ---- this is no huge piece of wisdom but it's good to be aware about this stuff

*journalist Zhang Miao was in prison in China for 9 months for buying candles to protest against the closure of a film festival, now she's free but her lawyer was arrested ---- things like this are still happening out there

Zhang Miao

*one article stated that the interview of chancelor Angela Merke with a youtuber was so bad because the public doesn't know how to pose questions, only trained journalists know how to do that ---- which of course is abolute bullshit

So far today!

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