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Mittwoch, 8. April 2015

10 Things I Hate that Everyone Else Loves

It's not like I just dislike these 10 things because I don't want to be mainstream. Honestly I would love to be mainstream, if mainstream was just a bit closer to my personal taste. But It's not. At least not with these 10 things which absolutely everyone I know and the media and the Internet world is totally falling for but which I hate.

I don't want to condemn these 10 things. If you like them, great for you. I just want to show that not everyone shares the majority's opinion. So sorry in advance for the rant you're about to endure.

Do you share my hate of one of these popular things? Please tell me I'm not alone.

1. Taylor Swift's 1989 album


I love Taylor Swift. For years (and I mean those years in which everyone called her a slut) she was my favorite female artists and I'm a huge sucker of her songs. When she announced that her new album would be a Pop album, I was a bit surprised but I was fine. I don't mind Pop. I actually like it.

But what I do mind is this weird House/Pop/Clubsound mix which is recently every other song on the radio. So when 1989 came out, I was so disappointed that Taylor Swift made an album which sounded just like every other "Pop" princess' album nowadays. In my opinion, with 1989 Taylor Swift became nothing but another Katy Perry/Lady Gaga/and what are all the other's names. And I hate it. Seriously I'd rather listen to static than to "Out of the Woods".

2. John Green books

The funny thing is I admire John Green. I watch his YouTube channel "CrashCourse" weekly. I look up to his success and his journey towards making it as a writer. I think he and  his brother Tank are funny and talented and smart and absolutely adorable.

But everytime I try to read one of John Green's books like "The Fault in our stars" or "Looking for Alaska" I hate it. I don't want to hate it but I find the writing and the protagonists annoying and the stories depressing and dull. I love Young Adult literature and I want to like these books so badly but I never do. Believe me I tried to read them several times. But every single time I put them away.

3. Electronic beats in anything which is not Electro

This one is no surprise as I have already hinted it in point #1. I'm a sucker of good music. I listen to Rock, Pop, Punk, Ska, Accoustic, Country, RnB, whatever. I don't even mind Electro or Minimal because it's awesome for dancing you ass off at a club. The only thing I ask for is a pure genre. I want clear melodic Pop and harsh Rock with loud guitars.

The only thing I can listen to on the radio anymore are slow love songs from John Legend or Adele or something. This sucks. I have to add that in Germany the radio stations are even worse. When I was living in the US I got Rock and Country stations but here in Germany every single radio station plays the same shit: countless songs of tender girl voices over an uninteresting electronic beat.

4. Animated Movies

The last animated movie I remember enjoying was Finding Nemo but to be fair I was a lot younger then, so I doubt that I would still like it today. I get the artistic aspect and the simplicity of animated movies but they are just not for me. I would never go watch an animated movie in the movie theatre. Do grown up people actually pay for this stuff?

I do watch animated movies with my friends once in a while because apperently they all think that they are the cutest thing ever. Just a week ago I watched an animated movie (it was "Big Hero 6") with my boyfriend. It wasn't that bad and at one part I actually laughed out loud. My boyfriend asked me why I laughed if I supposedly hated animated movies. Well, I never said that an animated movie can't have a funny line or a touching scene, I'm just convinced that it would be better as a movie with real people - always. I just prefer real people over drawings, that's all.

5. Daenerys Targaryen

This one can get quite annoying because I talk about Game of Thrones with my friends a lot. I love Game of Thrones and it has so many great characters but Danaerys Targaryen isn't one of them. I know that the whole world admires her and is betting on her to win the throne of Westeros but honestly, if George R. R. Martin decided to kill her off, I would quietly celebrate. Unfortunately this is not likely to happen.

I just don't get what everyone is freaking out about. Okay to be fair the part where she spent a night burning and came out unharmed was kind of cool. But she's a child. What does she know about Westeros? Her storyline is boring and I hate the way she talks. Also, dragons aren't that cool. What dragons are is incredibly dangerous and Danaerys ignored that for a long time. Jon Snow, Jaime Lannister, Ygritte, Robb Stark, Tyrion Lannister, even Theon Greyjoy - those are interesting characters. Danaerys Targaryen, in my opinion, is not.

6. Severus Snape

Oh, I could write a book about this one. I grew up with the Harry Potter series and I hated Severus Snape from the very beginning. He was mean and brutal and arrogant. In fact, the only time I liked Snape was in book 6 and 7 during the time when he supposedly was a real Death Eater. This made sense. In the chapter at the beginning of book 6 in which he talked with Bellatrix and Narzissa he appeared for the only time as a believable even likable character, he was even kind of funny. But then that awful back story was unveiled and I hated him again.

I mean come on! I really don't get why everyone is loving the Snape and Lily Potter "love story". This love story sucks. They were friends as kids, okay that's fine. But then Lily started dating another guy and she married this person and had a kid with him. And instead of accepting that this just won't happen for him, Snape joined the Death Eaters which led to Lily's death. How is this romantic? Plus: The spells Snape wrote in his old potion book as a teenager proove that he was always obsessed with dark magic. He totally bought all the shit Voldemort stood for. He was a sucker for the dark side. And he did join the death eaters. So please, can we all stop calling Snape a hero?

7. Albus Dumbledore

For me Snape is the absolute worst. But Dumbledore comes close to him. There's nothing wrong with an old wise wizard who guides the young hero but Dumbledore messes this up on so many occassions. His whole back story with abandoning his siblings and almost becoming a dark wizard is interesting but also not very hero-like.

But what I hate most about Dumbledore is that he never tells Harry anything. I hate if the hero of the story (and Harry was literally marked as a hero) never gets any information about what's going on whatsoever. So Dumbledore wanted to spare him the trouble and the worries? Well that ship sailed away when Voldemort killed Harry's parents and left him marked for life. Come on at the very least after book 4 noone thought that Harry could have a normal life. But instead of giving him the information he needs to survive, Dumbledore withholds vital information from him that could save lifes, like f.e. Sirius Black's life in book 5 (yes, Sirius is my favorite character so damn you Dumbledore!) Harry can take the truth. He has proven this multiple times. But nevertheless Dumbledore, who acts like he is Harry's biggest supporter, leaves him in the dark and simlply doesn't believe in him.

8. Hotel California by The Eagles

Here's another weird one. I'm a huge fan of the Eagles. I listen to their Greatest Hits everytime I'm travelling. I love their music. The only song I skip every single time is Hotel California though this is their most famous and most popular tune.

Okay I have to be honest about this one. Hotel California is a perfectly fine song. There's absolutely nothing wrong with it. The reason I hate it, is that it reminds me of my ex boyfriend who used to play it when we were making out. And then he broke my heart. Someday I'll have a long list of great songs I can't listen to anymore because they remind me of some distant but painful memory. This sucks.

9. The raccoon from Guardians of the Galaxy

The only thing worse than animated movies are movies with animals in it that talk. I know I'm being really picky but a talking animal is just a no go for me. This is why I also disliked Narnia and simlar movies.

Still the raccoon of Guardians of the Galaxy is even worse because the film treats him like a human which he is not. He's a raccoon. I mean he doesn't even have a backstory which explains why he's a raccoon. This is just so weird. How does anyone fall for this stuff? I don't think that he's funny, I think he's ridiculous. Honestly I think that Guardians of the Galaxy generally was not that great as everyone says. It was okay but no hit. And the talking raccoon ruined it for me.

10. Angel from Buffy the Vampire Slayer

You may know that Buffy the Vampire Slayer is my all time favorite show. It has so many great character: Buffy, Xander, Willow, Anya, Dawn, Faith, Oz, Spike etc. - I love every single one of them. Exept Angel. I hate him.

I know Angel is supposed to be this handsome rebel type with a soft core and apparently the producers and the audience loved him so much that he even got a successful spin off series. Still I hate him. I think he's ugly and boring and he's slow and sad and honestly by far not good enough for Buffy. He is portrayed as her great love but he seems so very dull next to the sparkling and exciting Buffy. So yeah, I was glad when he left Sunnydale.


  1. LOL this a fabulous post! It would be awful if everyone liked the same things, right? Unfortunately I like most of the things you've highlighted here (I love the dragon girl on GoT!). I never really got into Buffy so I can't comment on Angel and I haven't read any John Green books either. However I'm not keen on electronic beats lol! :D

  2. i'm glad you enjoyed it Suzy! :) you're right it's good that not everyone likes the same stuff and i'm sure that you hate some things i like ;)