And then everything changed

Montag, 27. April 2015

Weekly Gratitude

About a month ago I took up the habit of writing down every week what I am grateful for. And let me just tell you, this has improved my life drastically. I did all these things before but writing them down and reflecting about what made me happy each week gives me a chance to really appreaciate life and to enjoy every little awesomness it offers.

In one of my favorite quotes Lev Grossman wrote about how we have to stop looking for something better all the time and ignoring all the great things we already experience daily:

And of course he's right. I dare you to look at your life and to realize how many absolutely brilliant people, exciting experiences and fun things surround you permanently. Most of our lives are actually a lot more exciting than we think and yes, we better start to enjoy them. Because really enjoying the little things is the secret to lasting happyness.

Writing down my list of Weekly Gratitude also made me realize what's important to me and what I value most in life. It taught me a lot about myself. Because even if we think we know ourselves, there're always things to be discovered. And sometimes they will blow our minds.

So go ahead and write down your list of things you are grateful for this week. Then do it again next week. And the week after that. And see how your life will change.

To inspire you, here are my first four lists: (my mood really lightens up everytime I re-read them)

April 7, 2015

*sleeping cluddled up against him
*getting sucked up in Dancing Jacks (a fantasy novel)
*reaching 5 followers on Blogloving (3 weeks later I had 50 :) )
*getting my first comment on my new blog
*spending time with my two best friends
*getting inspired by blogs
*drinking Cappucino
*letting go during sex

April 11, 2015

*leaning how to do PR&events orga &feeling like Samantha Jones
*wearing my new white flowers-dress
*having my new boss believe in me
*awesome sex with my boyfriend <3
*being proud of the confident person I've become
*listening to The Pretty Reckless's "Going to Hell" album
*getting new followers on Blogloving

April 20, 2015

*having hungry sex
*having a fun game night with friends
*hosting an inspiring book premiere
*reading people's comments on my blog
*enjoying a Saturday for myself
*browsing second hand bookstores
*having a job others want
*reading inspiring blogs
*having quality conversations

April 26, 2015

*having found & being with the Right One
*lots of sex
*a fun Saturday Night Pub Crowl
*being friends with someone for 10 years
*finding cute&cheap clothes
*starting to learn photography
*being inspired by a lecture
*being busy
*having time for myself

Happy Weekly Gratitude Day!


  1. This is such a great and healthy habit! I really should pick it up myself!


  2. I'm glad that you like it, Patricia! It will definitely make you happier, just try it :)