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Samstag, 11. April 2015

Instant Happyness

There are those days on which I feel like crawling into my bed and never coming out again. On these days I need to make use of some tricks I've established for myself to boost my mood instantly.

Here are 10 things that give me Instant Happyness:

1. Reading a fantasy book and drinking green tea

Fantasy literature makes it possible for me to escape the real world and forget all about the aweful day I might have had and instead live someone else's life which is a lot more magical and adventurous. If I add a green tea to this equation, I immidiately feel so much better. I'm a deep believer in the power of green tea. It gives you energy, boosts your mood and helps your circulation.

2. Having good sex

Good sex is like medicine for me because I can let go and only focus on the sensation of my own and my boyriend's body. Fortunately my boyfriend and I live together so that we can basically have sex whenever we want to and honestly, this makes my life so much better.

3. Watching an inspiring show

Which tv show this might be depends on my current taste. Last year I regularily watched Friends because it simply showed me that everyone struggles and that it's okay. Because you know, noone told you life was gonna be this way. If I want to escape reality I watch Buffy or Supernatural. At the moment I'm watching now and then an episode of the new Vampire Diaries season because it has so many feels and sometimes I just need to use up all my tears for someone else's misery.

4. Looking up at the stars

I love the stars. Seriously, if you feel like your life sucks and your problems are like a huge wave rolling towards you, just go outside and look up at the stars. All these pretty lights up there are Suns and they all have there own planets with who knows what's there. The universe is fucking amazing, man! Be grateful that you live in such a wonderful world.

5. Ordering Pizza

This is pretty self-explanitory. A freshly baked pizza with lots of cheese and dripping grease makes it impossible to be upset.

6. Taking a hot bubble bath

Bubble baths are right out of heaven! After a hard day at work I let in hot water, steal my boyfriends manly bubble bath soap and soak in the tup for 15 minutes. The great thing about taking a bath is that you don't have to do anything. You can just lie there and do absolutely nothing but enjoying the warmth that surrounds you.

7. Snuggling up in his arms

No matter how aweful my day was, when I crawl into bed at night and snuggle up in my boyfriend's arms, I always feel at piece. Because honestly I have this person in my life who's there for me no matter what and who gladly gives me a backrub when I'm stressed, so really what am I complaining about? I feel like no matter what happens, as long as I can fall asleep in his arms every night, I have a perfect life.

8. Building an indoor tent

I don't do this often. Only when I truely feel like I want to hide from all the bad stuff in the world. Then I gather lots of blankets and pillows and drape them over chairs and my couch and crawl in there with a nice book and I stay in there until I feel like I'm ready to deal with life's shit again. An indoor tent is a pause from all the bad stuff because really, nothing bad has ever happened to me while I was in there.

9. Taking a ride at a Merry Go Round

Yes, well, I'm still a child. If I see a Merry Go Round I HAVE to get on it and go in circles as fast as possible. I guess it just gives me lots of good homones which make my heart beat faster.

10. Practicing my favorite sport

My favorite sport is dancing and after my dance lesson every Wednesday I feel great no matter what kind of day I had before that. Dancing releases adrenaline and it simply makes me happy and not care about dumb people (including myself). In a week I also start Yoga and I'm excited how this will turn out for me.

I am constanly looking to enlarge my list of things that bring Instant Happyness. What makes you instantly happy?

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