And then everything changed

Montag, 6. April 2015

People aren't against you, they're for themselves.

Recently I have noticed a lot of people who waste a lot of thought, anger, time and energy on other people's opinions.

My friend told me some days ago that she thinks her tutor hates her because she critizised her for bringing her own paper to the exam (which is not allowed). Another friend confessed that she feels unwelcomed with my extended family though I know as a fact that all my uncles etc. like her and treat her like she was my sister. Another friend constantly notices that people are gossiping about our clothes or hair or voices or whatever though I would have never come to that conclusion.

Maybe I'm naive but what if my friend's tutor simply had a stressy day, my extended family just has different ways of showing that they like someone (because they're Indian) and those people on the street didn't even notice us. I believe that most people are too occupied with their own life and their own problems to give a shit about other people. We're not in High School anymore.

And even if people are gossiping about us. So what? Those persons don't mean anything to me or the life I am working towards. Let them talk.

A thing I recently realized is that people who talk shit about others or are mean to others always have their own problems which are bothering them and making other people's days miserable is easier than taking care of their own problems. I'm not justifying bullying, not at all. But I think as an adult it's time to realize that every single person out there is struggling just as much as we are. They're just as lost as we are, In the end we're all just trying to make it, to find something we're passionate about, to fall in love, to find happyness, to live a fullfilled life. Everyone has problems, even, or espeacially, those who may or may not be gossiping about you.

This sentence changed my entire worldview. If you keep in mind that people aren't against you but for themselves, then it's easier to realize that the person treating you wrong is just trying to find out how to get himself closer to his goals. Everyone is fighting their own battles. And everyone is fighting for themselves. It's kind of sad how much today's society is focused on individual gain. But I think that this is how it has become. And you can either join them and fight for your own goals without ever looking at what other people may need or you can go against the majority and be kind to others and help others and see yourself less as an individual and more as a part of a group. It's your choice and I would never judge you for which way you decide to go.

Still I think it's not too much to ask for, to be kind. You never know what the other person may go through.


  1. A wonderful post and I couldn't agree more. I'm often telling my friends to stop worrying about what other people do or say for this very reason.

    1. I'm glad you liked it, Suzy! :) i think more people should realize this.

  2. I loved this post, wonderful perspective that I wish more people could realize. ~Paula

  3. Thanks, Paula! I'm glad you liled it :)